Practical details

Here are the practical details of how I work. They are all intended to give the sense of safety that is needed for the work to be effective.

Times, frequency and duration

I offer regular 50-minute sessions at the same time each week. In some cases, I can offer early morning and evening sessions.

I see people once, twice or three times a week, depending upon the nature of the work. The frequency and duration of our work together is always open to negotiation. Sometimes it is not clear at the beginning how frequently we should meet or for how long. This is something that we can explore together.


My fee is £75 a session. I reserve some low-fee sessions for individuals with a limited income.

In common with most therapists, I charge for missed sessions or for cancelled sessions that cannot be rearranged. Each person that I work with has her or his own regular session reserved for them at the same time each week. If the session is cancelled, it’s usually not possible to fit someone else in to fill that slot.


My practice is based within a ten-minute walk of the Southgate underground station in North London. It is also on the 121, 298, 299 and W6 bus routes. Although there are local parking restrictions, I do have off-street parking available.

Online work

As well as working face-to-face, I also offer online sessions. These are conducted in the same way as face-to-face sessions, lasting 50 minutes and held at regular times. Sometimes the whole work is online, for example with someone who doesn’t have a suitable English-speaking therapist available nearby. Alternatively, online sessions can be used to continue face-to-face work with a person who has to travel.

Ethics, insurance and complaints

I work to the ethical standards of my accrediting organisation, the Forum for Independent Psychotherapists. Complaints about my practice should be directed to the Administrator, FiP, 11 Genotin Terrace, Enfield, EN1 2AF. In line with FiP’s standards, I maintain an appropriate level of professional indemnity insurance.