Psychotherapy and counselling offer a way to discover more about ourselves and to make changes. My work involves regular, confidential meetings with someone who is trained to listen without passing judgements and to understand the ways in which past experiences can shape our present lives. Being heard and understood, in itself, can be a very healing experience.

Counselling usually focusses upon a specific problem and involves meeting once a week for a shorter period of time, usually for around two months. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a longer process that has a broader focus upon self-knowledge and change. Psychotherapy might involve meeting once, twice or three times a week over several months or years. Brief psychotherapy lies somewhere between these two approaches.

You will find more information about psychoanalytic psychotherapy on the website of the British Psychoanalytic Council.

My work online

In addition to working face-to-face, I also work online over the internet. This approach is particularly useful for people who do not have a suitable English-speaking therapist available nearby.

The therapy that I can offer online is not suitable if you areĀ in a crisis or immediate distress. In cases of emergency please contact your doctor or local emergency service. Alternatively, you seeek support in the UK or Ireland from the Samaritans, or elsewhere in the world from Befrienders Worldwide.

Supervision and mentoring

I have taught and supervised psychotherapists and counsellors for over 20 years. Agencies for which I have taught and supervised include Nafsiyat, the Refugee Therapy Centre, the Counselling Foundation and the Enfield Counselling Service.

I am currently the Director of the School of Infant Mental Health. For the School I design and teach on a UKCP-accredited training in Parent Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.