Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Brings Lasting Benefits through Self-Knowledge

A recent study published by the American Psychological Association provides strong evidence for the effectiveness of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. As practitioners we know the power and effectiveness of our work. However I, for one, can feel disarmed when I’m in meetings with other, sceptical professionals who dismiss psychoanalytic work for not having an evidence base. Unfortunately, in some of my roles I’m often in such meetings.

For this reason I was pleased to read about this APA study which reviewed eight meta-analyses, comprising 160 studies of psychodynamic therapy, plus nine meta-analyses of other psychological treatments and antidepressant medications. Read more Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Brings Lasting Benefits through Self-Knowledge

Encounters Through Generations

Film from the British Psychoanalytic Society with eminent older psychoanalysts discussing their trade and the future of analysis.

I was impressed by the humanity shown by these elder analysts. It was also interesting to hear Betty Joseph and others talk about similar themes to those that we hear every day in the psychoanalytic psychotherapy world. Themes that includes a pessimism caused by the swing of fashion against psychoanalysis. Nonetheless the depth of perception and humanity evidenced by these analysts makes me think that psychoanalysis has enough truth to outlive these changes of fashion.

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Boundaries and Benefits of Psychotherapy

I’ve just read a gentle and moving account by a patient of her experience of psychotherapy.

Jan Goddard-Finegold wrote as she came towards the end of her therapy, part of which helped her to deal with a disabling and life-threatening disease. She gives a sensitive and thoughtful account of coming to understand the value of the boundaries within the work.

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